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addTIMER Irrigation software

What's the perfect add-on to soil moisture stations and ETo calculation? A remote valve controller - A724 addSWITCH - that lets you switch on and off your irrigation system from your PC, your web enabled mobile phone or your next internet cafe, and a piece of software that gives you a huge option to define irrigation shifts as you need them - addTIMER. addTIMER seemlessly integrates into our SCADA package addVANTAGE Pro, and uses the same style user interface. Read more!

  Valve runtimes 


addTIMER offers a vast array of options to schedule your irrigation. Look at the screenshot to the left for more details.

With a few mouse klicks you can set your program to run in endless repetitions, stop it at will, execute it only on certain days of the week, or on every second, third, or whichever other day you deem necessary.

For proper planning of your irrigation season you can define the start and end dates of your irrigation schedules. Already at the beginning of the season you can set various irrigation modes that match your crop and soil. As the season progresses these can easily be adjusted with a single action, without the need to reset each runtime. All you need to do is to apply a multiplication factor to your runtimes, and the whole program will be extended or cut by that factor.

In that very same window you can furthermore determine if the runtimes you have programmes shall be executed only once or several times per day. If you select multiple runs you can set the time between each repetition.






When that temporary dry spell hits, or the expected rain just doesn''t come on time, you simply add a single irrigation cycle without interfering with the execution of your preprogrammed schedule. The screenshot above shows that as of the 14th of May all irrigations are being extended by a factor of 1.1.


  Switching valves 


You can throw any valve from your whole network of RTUs into an irrigation shift. An overview window lists all valves contained in that shift, and shows their current status. Red background indicates that a valve is closed, while an open valve is highlighted in green. If a valve is still yellow as can be seen to the left it indicates that an irrigation schedule has already been set, but that no communication with the valve controller has yet taken place.

addTIMER still hands you the freedom to overwrite all setings you made - by simply clicking an ON or OFF button and change the valves'' status at will at any time.


SchichtenYou can easily add more valves to a shift as shown in the screenshot to the left. Just select a valve and add it to the current shift with a mouse click - or remove it from there. Within that same window you can also modify the duration of a shift, either by entering the desired runtimes through your keyboard, or by increasing or decreasing the runtimes by clicking on the arrow keys. Time is always indicated in hours:minutes




As soon as you have defined all shifts and schedules you can find them all ina single, comprehensive overview window. Again, colour codes will indicate if a shift is active, stopped or on standby.

In this window you can overwrite the irrigation schedule with a mouse click and start a new shift or end it prematurely. If you would like to extend the shift by a few minutes just key in a percentage factor, e.g. plus 10%. At harvest or prior to seeding simply set your shift to deactivated and reactivate it when the time has come.

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