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Pro 5 now in Spanish!

Spanish has just become the latest addition to our multilanguage browser-based application addVANTAGE Professional 5.

You can now switch on the fly from english to spanish, from portuguese and french to german - and more languages will follow!

With Spain, Mexico and all of Latin America being major markets for Adcon's telemetry products we are glad to announce the release of a new language to our addVANTAGE Pro 5 distribution package:

a spanish language module has just been added to english, portuguese, french and german.

Unlike many other applications you do not need to choose up front a language for your application. By default all language modules are installed and active, and every user who logs on to the addVANTAGE Pro 5 server can choose his preferred language.

pro5 settings espThis is of particular interest to data providers, who want to serve clients in many countries around the globe. Whoever logs on to the Pro 5 server can select his preferred language from a drop-down menu within a matter of seconds.

pro5 espHere is a practical example: you are operating a large cross border network of weather stations to provide farmers, golf courts, hydrographical services and Universities with environmental data. You can run your server in Florida and administrate it in English, while your clients in Mexico work on this very machine in Spanish, those in Brazil work in Portuguese, and even some curious Germans can sneak in in their mother tongue - and they all won't even notice where your Pro 5 server is located.

More languages will be added soon, with an Italian version already being in the making, and several others, like Chinese and Russian, in the planning.

FaLang translation system by Faboba

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