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The all-new A753 addWAVE GSM/GPRS offers a wealth of new features and takes our hot-selling line of GSM RTUs to a whole new, professional level. Get more of everything! More resolution, more I/Os, more memory, more flexibility, etc.etc

The A753 GSM / GPRS RTU is a completely new design that surpasses its predecessor, the A733 GRPS, in every aspect. We have tried to build an RTU that can be used for a huge variety of applications, from basic to professional meteorology, from hydrographics to meter reading, from wind and solar power site assessments to rain intensity monitoring.

What's new?

Feature A733 NEW in A753
SDI-12 Interface built-in no yes
# of SDI-12 Sensors supp. 20 40
Analog Resolution: 10-bit 16-bit
Sensor Excitation Battery voltage Battery voltage and preset voltage, stabilized
Measurement timing synchronous synchronous or asynchronous
Pulse counter frequency 2 or 30 Hz 2 x 50 Hz
2 x 500 Hz
Wind Gust monitoring no yes
Rain Intensity monitoring no yes
Integrated mV-Amplifier no yes
Memory 32KB 2MB
Firmware update without
need to open case
no yes

Why A753?

Here are a few examples

Agricultural Weather stations

Just like its predecessor the A753 makes an excellent ag met station: very easy to install, setup and maintain, and fully backwards compatible - yet expandable to an unheard of extent!

Professional Weather Stations

Professional meteorologists want the best of it all. They want high resolution, WMO compliant measuring methods, particularly when it comes to wind speed and direction, flexibility to host many different sensors - and if that comes in a compact package at reasonable prices it doesn't hurt either! A753 can do all that and more

The Environmental Monitor: Water and Air quality

Most modern multi-parameter sensors for water and air quality come with a digital SDI-12 interface to increase accuracy and compatibility. A753 allows the operation of up to 40 SDI-12 values without any additional adapters. And for accurate analog sensors it features 12 0-2,5V inputs with 16-bit resolution.

The Rain Intensity Station

In many countries rain intensity monitoring requires the stations capability to store date and time of every single pulse that occurs. Lots of data! The A753 can not only do that - it can furthermore store the wind speed and wind direction at the time of the pulse!

Technical Data

Technical Specifications - Mechanics

Case Aluminum, powder coated
Protection type IP-67
& weight
160 x 60 x 80 mm (6.3 x 2.4 x 3.1 inch)
1200g (2.5 lb)
Connectors for sensors and power Made in Germany by Binder
IP-67 protection class
Sockets: brass, nickel plated
Socket contacts: gold plated
Protective caps
4 x M9 female 7-pin
1 x M9 female 5-pin
Antenna connector TNC with external seal, water tight , Made in Germany
Mounting Mast mounting bracket
Operating temperature -20°C - +75°C


Technical Specifications - Logger

Input Channels 60 total
Analog Inputs 12 x 0 - 1V / 2.5V DC
( 3 of these inputs can be configured
for a range of 0 - 150mV DC low temp.drift)
Digital Inputs 40 x SDI-12 values
Counter Inputs 2 + 2
I/O A + I/O D: for standard reed switches; electronical signal debouncing, e.g. for rain gauges; max. pulses per second: 50
I/O B + I/O C: for hi-speed pulses, e.g. wind speed sensors or flow meters; max. pulses per second: 500
TTL Inputs / Outputs 4 x TTL compatible status ports (input) or Switch (output) , user selectable
(2 of which with 5V, 2 with 3.3V)
Resolution on analog ports 16-Bit
Sensor Power Supply User selectable:
- Unregulated battery Voltage 5.5V - 7.5V
- Stabilized Voltage: setable from 3.3V-7.5V
Memory 2MB for up to 500.000 readings (depending on types of sensors attached) Example: ETo station, 15-minute values: almost 6 months


Special Logger Functions - Configurable

Wind Gust Monitoring Port C + Adcon Wind Sensor:
4 x samples per second, 3-second average; Date/Time of top speed stored
Wind Vector Monitoring Port C + Adcon Wind Sensor:
Direction is measured at time of speed reading; direction is weighed by speed and stored as vector
Rain Intensity Monitoring Port D + Pulse Rain Gauge
(max. resolution is 1 second)
Date / Time of every single pulse stored; if required up to 3 additional analog values and 2 counters can be stored, e.g. wind speed & direction plus temperature
Pressure Hammer Detection Port C + Adcon Manometer Probe:
permanently powered sensor measures 4 x per second for pressure hammers with a 3-sec. average
Low Voltage Amplifier Port B: allows usage of sensors with mV output signals to be attached directly
Asynchronous sampling To reduce interference caused by synchronously sampling all ports they can be turned on and off sequentially
Event Monitor In order to detect status changes on a digital input the station can sample each digital port with a time resolution of 1 second; date and time of every single status change are logged. Application: error monitoring on equipment, intrusion detection, pump operation, etc.


Technical Specifications - Data Transmission

Frequency range 900 & 1800 MHz (Europe) and
850 & 1900 MHz (Americas)
800MHz & 2100 MHz UMTS optional
Modem Telit G24L (formerly Motorola G24L)
Telit H24 optional (formerly Motorola H24)
SIM Card small footprint
Security SIM cards are PIN code protected!
Connection types GSM: CSD Circuit Switched Data
GPRS Connect Frequency User selectable:
- permanent connection
- connect from 1 x per minute to 1 x per day
Antenna Omnidirectional


Technical Specifications - General

Power Supply internal 6.2V battery, charged by solar panel or mains adaptor
Battery type Panasonic High-Temperature Industrial Grade NiMH battery, 3100mAh
Approvals FCC, R&TTE, CE, Industry Canada, Radio Australia
FaLang translation system by Faboba

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