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ADCON releases addVANTAGE Pro 6.1

ADCON Telemetry releases Pro 6.1 - with an improved, more user friendly interface, a Google-based Map-Viewer, instruments to view data, .... and last not least supporting the new LiveData application. Read all the details!

Improved user-interface, addTIMER extension for Pro 6, Google map viewer, instruments - and LiveData support!

6.1 is mostly about convenience, adding lots of new features to the user interface in order to better visualize, process and distribute data. It’s ready for immediate release!

Improved Usability

New Icons in the Tool Bar:

New icons on tool barIn varius locations we have added new icons to directly select the desitred function. The example to the left shows the standard tool bar as can be seen on a trend window. It now offers distinct buttons to select from the three available view styles: trend, table and instrument.

The linked Window is back:

Linked WindowWith the introduction of Pro 6.0 the linked window was no longer available, since we had largely rewritten the graph viewer, and this did not allow for the usage of linked windows.

With 6.1 we have again modified the viewer - and the linked windows are back! You can again tie any graph with any other panel, be it an instrument panel, a table or another graph.

Click onto the image to see a high resolution screen shot.

View data on an instrument:

Instruments to display dataIn many cases users only want to see the latest values, not the complete history of the last 24, 48 or more hours. This is of particular importance if you want to embed the data into another website, or show it on your smart phone, and the history of the data has no meaining to you - e.g. when it comes to seeing the temperature or the level in a storage tank, or the pressure in an irrigation pipeline.

Therefore data can now not only be displayed as a grpah or a table, but also as an instrument as seen on the screen short.

Largely advanced user interface settings:

User OptionsCustomizing your user interface has become a lot more flexible. This not only refers to the user info that can be entered, but especially to the customizability of the way a panel is being displayed. Apart from the general settings determined by the server's administrator, each user can now decide for himself how he would like his data to be presented.

Click onto the image to see a high resolution screen shot.

Only work with the crops and the data processing extensions that you really need:

Select the crops you want to work withParticularly on large servers running many different disease and clauclation models a lost can quickly get overwhelmed and loose his ways, not finding the software extension he is looking for. No longer! You don't need 80% of the crops? Thsu you don't need any of the disease models associated with these crops? So just get rid of them! Don't need disease models at all? Throw them out - and keep only the mathematical and statistical models you want to work with!

Choose the extensions you want to work withClick onto the images to the left and the right to see a high resolution screen shot.

New functions for administrators:

Log reportAdministrators want to see who is logged on. They want to see who has logged on when and for how long. And if the going gets tought they also want to be able to forcefulls log off some suers. The new administrator functions make this a simple and straight forwardtask, offering very comprehensive log monitors for all user administration tasks.

Click onto the image to see a high resolution screen shot.

Google Map Viewer

Particularly administrators and operators of large networks have asked for this feature. Now it is even easier to locate the RTU that you are looking for - just click on it on a map!

Google Map LinkaddVANTAGE Pro 6.1 will now read a new attribute of an RTU from the A850 Gateway, which is collecting the data from your RTUs: its location. Once the location info was retrieved, Pro 6.1 will automatically place the RTU onto a Google Map that's loaded from Google's Servers. Clicking with your left mouse button onto the RTUs displayed on the map will open a trend window, showing you the respective data from this RTU.

Administrators: you will need to get a Google key for this application. Such keys are available by registering on the Google website, e.g. by clicking here. Once you have completed your account, or if you already have one, you can sign up for a new key, e.g. by clicking here.

Click onto the image to see a high resolution screen shot.

"Livedata" support

"Livedata" is a new utility software that we have released together with Pro 6.1 "Livedata" allows the integration of a weather station's data on any website, without the need to log on with user name and password.

LiveDataLiveData will startup by showing you all available RTUs on a Google Map. Pointing with your mouse cursor onto an RTU will bring up a data bubble which will show you all the latest values of this RTU. Progress to more detailed data by clicking onto the "more...." link to the bottom right of this bubble.

If you don't want to connect to Google Maps, because you have only one weather station to show, or because your customers have slow internet connections, where loading Google Maps might take too long, if you would rather see a street map or even a list only - Livedata allows you to change all that on the fly! Want to see how it works? Click here!

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