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Irrigation Management

All over the world it's agriculture which has the major share in water consumption. But unfortunately this precious resource is far from being used wisely. See how modern technology can largely improve irrigation practice.

How to irrigate?

A very good question! The answer to which is only too often achieved by applying the rule of thumb. Not 100% accurate.... Today's irrigation needs to go ways beyond pouring water on plants. Proper irrigation largely influences

  • crop yield and quality,
  • the effectiveness of fertilizers,
  • soil salinity and oxygen content,
  • balance of micro-organisms,
  • the water and energy bills,
  • the lifetime of pumps and equipment, and much more.

To achieve the above one will need not only solid Know-How, but also the proper tools to find out what's right and what's wrong. For many years Adcon has developed efficient decision support systems, dedicated to supply the irrigation manager with the data he needs.

What are some of the key elements that need to be taken into consideration?

Which types of soil am I dealing with?
How much water can these soils hold?
How much water do my crops need in their respective phenological phases?
How deep down are the active root zones of my crops?
Which effect does dry stress have on my crops?
When and how do I need to fertilize/fertigate?
...... to name but a few of the the most important questions.

Given the above it becomes obvious that every crop, every pheno-phase, every soil type and every terrain have their own specific requirements, and that uniform application of irrigation no matter when and where can't be the solution.

Probably the most irrigation research was done in viticulture, which is easy to explain: even seemingly small errors can have tremendous effects, making all the difference between premium wine and plonk. Viticulture has also created many irrigation experts, mastering the most difficult and demanding irrigation techniques, like "controlled deficit irrigation" and "partial root zone drying", thus determining color and taste, sugar contents and pulp.

Soil Moisture vs. ETo

adcon rel12 presolutioncontent 03Some people get in a fight over this. There are Pro's and Con's for both methods. Adcon lets you have either one, be it a single point or a multi-level soil measurement site or a professional ET station - or both! The combination of sensors and our software addVANTAGE Pro will help you a lot in determining the crucial parameters for your fields - field capacity and refill points. Soil sensors will provide you with immediate feedback if the amount of water that you put on based on your ETo/ETc calculations was right or wrong.


What are the advantages of an Adcon radio solution?

  • get site specific soil and weather data in almost real time,
  • monitor soil moisture in various levels of the soil profile
    with a large variety of soil moisture sensors
  • monitor water uptake
  • monitor the efficiency of your irrigation system (pumps, flow, output)
  • calculate evapotranspiration
  • access your data from anywhere and anytime through Adcon's
    addVANTAGE Pro 5.4 internet based software with WAP service

The benefits at a glance

  • Get important data automatically and 24/7
  • Irrigate only when and as much as necessary
    (can save you 50% of water and more!)
  • Avoid over-irrigation and too much dry stress
  • No wash-out of nutrients
  • Irrigation corresponding to the respective phenological phases
  • Control your crops yield
  • Control your crops quality
  • Save time and money
  • Operate environmentally friendly
  • Make more profit!


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Proper irrigation can do a lot: save money, save energy, save fertilizer - and improve crop quality and quantity at the same time!

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Technical specifications of various soil sensors

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