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Accurate Water Data

Adcon offers a full range of sensors and telemetry options for hydrographical purposes. From precipitation to water level, flow and quality, for areas with or without GSM coverage - we have the right product.

Level Monitoring

Monitoring water level is one of the major tasks of all drinking water providers, hydrographical institutions, dam operators, sewer managers, flood protection agencies, and of many others. Current water level is an important indicator that triggers imminent action.

With conventional methods levels are usually read in large intervals only. Such historic data is of limited relevance, being available rather late and not reflecting all events that occurred. Frequently level monitoring sites, e.g. ground water levels, are temporarily inaccessible, e.g. in winter, or are located in protected areas like bird habitats that cannot be accessed during breeding. Loggers have shown to frequently deliver unpleasant surprises, with batteries than ran empty, memory that failed or sensors that calcified and didn't show any further changes.

Here you can see the two reservoirs of an austrian municipal supplier. The blue and pink lines show the level of the reservoir, which is kept in the green range by addVANTAGE Pro's remote pump control. The green line shows flow, the yellow line the ON/OFF status of the pump. The pump is triggered by the level's upper and lower threshold.

Advantages of a telemetry solution

An Adcon radio system delivers data 24/7, at any time, any season, and any location. Data is available almost in real time, any alarming shifts in water levels can immediately trigger the required action.
All Adcon Remote Telemetry Units can be used with these sensors.
The savings in time, man power and traveling cost are considerable. Intervals between visits of the monitoring sites can be largely extended.

The image to the left shows the A753 addWAVE GPRS, a multi-purpose data logger that can monitor water level and quality, precipitation and temperature, pumps and motors - all at the same time.

Pressure transducers

Adcon supplies top quality products made in Switzerland: digitally compensated pressure transducers with outstanding accuracy, long term stability and tolerance against overpressure. By default we supply this Adcon LEV1 transducer with the following measuring ranges: 1, 3, 5 and 10 bar. Custom ranges in between and up to 100 bar can be ordered.

The transducers are supplied with a default Adcon 7-pin connector and a pressure relieve box, , a 0.1 to 2.5V output signal and have an extremely low power consumption.

Third Party Sensors

Germanys OTT Hydrometry has built itself an excellent reputation as a manufacturer of highly reliable sensors and software for hydrographical purposes, and is a market leader in all german speaking countries. A large variety of OTT sensors is available with an SDI-12 interface, and can thus easily be connected to an Adcon RTU:

  • Thalimedes Shaft Encoder
  • PS-1 Pressure Transducer
  • RLS Radar Sensor

Beyond their range of sensors you might already have an OTT Logosense logger on site. If your Logosense already features an SDI-12 interface it can also be connected to an Adcon RTU. For some OTT sensors our power booster is required to provide the necessary voltage to the sensor. Please ask your Adcon distributor!

Download information

icon Water management (208.63 kB)
How to remotely monitor water reservoirs, ground water levels, water quality, how to detect leaks, etc.

icon Watersensors (240.35 kB)
Technical specifications of various sensors for water management.

icon WLVB - a success story from Austria (232.96 kB)
Eastern Austrias largest water supplier operates 250 long range Adcon RTUs for leak detection.

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