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addVANTAGE Pro 6.3

Livedata 2 - the new way to get your weather data onto the web and mobile devices

The developmnet of Livedata 2 was driven by the desire to publish much more data on the web than just raw weather data. This new version will enable you to publish pretty much all data from almost any computation of your addVANTAGE Pro 6.3,  from disease model info to frost warnings and evapotranspiration. 

To further ease and speed-up navigation you also no longer need to start with a Google map - which can take time to load - , but can load a list much faster, even through a slow internet connection. Even the language can now be selected by the user.

Sunshine Duration ("SD")

Many farmers and industry customers have requested such a function. Sunshine duration can be measured in two ways: either be deploying a dedicated sensor or by calculation, using the data of a standard pyranometer. The latter method is apparently much cheaper, as no sunshine-duration-only sensor needs to be purchased. Therefore we have implemented 2 calculation methods: the simple "Threshold-Method", which adds the duration of all time slots, where sunshine intensity was beyond a certain threshold, and the more complex, but also much more accurate "Hinssen-Knapp" formula, the results of which come very very close to the results of a dedicated sensor.

New Formula-Calculation-Extension

Very often customers want to compute the values of various sensors with each other, e.g. to compute the difference between two temperature sensors. This new extension will enable the customer to process up to 9 different sensors within the same formula, performing a number of different mathematical operations.

New Universal-Mildew-Extension (optional)

Downy Mildew is a fungus with a worldwide distribution, affecting a large number of crops. Its development depends mostly on two parameters:  Temperature and relative Humidity.

A international group of researchers has analysed dozens of different mildew diseases to find common characteristics. As the result they came up with an algorithm that can well be applied to some 50 diseases and crops.

This extension is available against a little fee from your Adcon distribution partner. Or send us an email for further details! ( This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. )

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