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addVANTAGE Pro 6.3

ADCON Telemetry releases Pro 6.3 - with a new, much more powerful, informative and user-friendly version of Livedata, and three powerful new extensions.

Livedata 2 - the new and easy way to check data from any mobile device - from laptops to iPads, from iPhones to  SmartPhones!

In the development of addVANTAGE Pro 6.3 we put all the focus on data delivery. How to give as many users as possible access as easily as possible to as much data as possible? "Livedata 2" is the answer. While "Livedata1" was focusing on displaying raw data only, "Livedata 2" goes far beyond that. From disease models to Evapotranspiration, from extensive statistics with a very intuitive user navigation, just about any data can be put into "Livedata 2". 

To make navigation even quicker and easier stations can now be selected from a very fast list - rather than having to load a Google Map - an undertaking that can be painstakingly slow, if you don''t have a fast internet connection. The list in turn can be displayed in an instant. And even the language can now be selected from a dropdown menu.

Sunshine duration ("SD")

Many customers from non-agricultural applications have demanded this feature. Sunshine duration can either be measured with a special, dedicated sensor - or it can be computed, using the output of a standard pyranometer. We have therefore implemented two methods of calculating SD: a very simple threshold method, and a much more complex formula, developed by Hinssen-Knapp, the output of which comes very close to the output of a dedicated SD sensor.

New Formula Calculation Extension

Computations between sensors can be very useful, e.g. to calculate the difference between two temperature sensors. This new extension allows computations with a large variety of formulas between up to 9 sensors - from any "node" in the network!

New Universal Downy Mildew Extension (option)

Downy Mildew is a fairly ubiquitous fungus. It can affect dozens of crops, and depends basically on two main parameters for its development: temperature and water.

A group of international researchers has analyzed dozens of fungus models to find common grounds - and has developed an algorithm that fits very well for some 50 crops.

This extension is available as an optional product for your addVANTAGE Pro 6.3 license (and future versions, of course). Please ask your Adcon distribution partner or check with us! ( This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. )

To read more about addVANTAGE Pro, click this link.

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