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Disease Models

For Adcon's data visualization platform addVANTAGE Pro we provide a number of disease and pest models for a great variety of different crops. These models were either developed by leading plant and disease specialists, like Prof. Gubler of UC-Davis, California, or Prof. Kast from Weinsberg, Germany, or they are based on publicly available algorithms, like the Mills Table or the Ullrich-Schroedter algorithm. They support interpretation of disease risk indices, growing degree-day calculations, chilling hours, evapotranspiration and soil moisture data. Reduce chemical usage during low pest pressure periods and optimize your spraying intervals during high-pressure periods - accurate information for precise management decisions.

User friendly Interfaces

All models come with the same user interface. Once you have learned to use one, you can setup all of them. Setting initial thresholds, modifying phenological phases, selecting the sensors, which the calculation is based on, and input treatments is intuitive and does not require a manual.











Pheno-Phases according to BBCH

The models calculate the progress of the plant development based on the BBCH table, developed in Eastern Germany. Of course individual settings are possible. The duration of each phase is shown in a table, and an image shows the respective development stage of the plant.



Treatment Recommendations

Every model will inform you very clearly about the progress in the calculation of the disease index, treatment recommendations and the washout of chemicals. Messages like treatment recommendations are visible as alarms even if the respective window is not open.


Chemicals Each user can create his own database of chemicals. When entering a new chemical, the user needs to tell the model if the substance is systemic or preventive, how many days it controls the disease, the waiting time in days and the washout limit. By also telling the system which diseases this chemical can be used for it facilitates the selection of the proper chemical when entering a treatment.

Disease models

Upon request the following models come on a separate CD, free of charge

The Fireblight disease model "MaryBlyt", containing the algorithm of the University of Maryland, is also available upon request, but incurs a one-time license fee.

 - Apple Powdery Mildew

 - Potato Blight (Ullrich-Schroedter)

 - Apple Scab  - Potato Blight (WINSTEL)
 - Grape Bunch Rot (Broome)  - DSV Wisdom TomCast

 - Grape Downy Mildew - 
   Precipitation based and
   Temperature Sum based

 - DSV TomCast

 - Grape Powdery Mildew by
   Gubler-Thomas, UC Davis
 - Lettuce Downy Mildew
 - Grape Powdery Mildew by
   Dr. Kast, Weinsberg
 - Walnut Blight
 - Hops Powdery Mildew  - Pistachio Blight
 - Strawberry Powdery Mildew  - Tomato Late Blight
 - Strawberry Bunch Rot


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Sensors you need to run plant protection models

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