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Frost Warnings

With the help of Adcon''s weather monitoring equipment, decreasing
temperatures are always under control. The farmer can define wet
temperature low limits (calculated as a function of temperature and
relative humidity).

Then, when the temperature drops below the predefined thresholds,
the software sends an alarm via email or SMS. The farmer can
activate frost protection equipment and reduce crop loss to a
minimum or prevent it at all.

Please note that such information cannot be expected in real time! Adcon radio stations are usually polled every 15 minutes, and the reliability of data communication and timeliness may vary, depending on the quality of your radio link and current weather conditions. Therefore it might be a good idea to check the charging status of your batteries when going into frost season. Please make also sure that you adjust the transmission interval of your GPRS station accordingly and/or program a temperature threshold into your RTU. Furthermore GSM providers don't guarantee the immediate delivery of SMS messages. We therefore suggest that you take appropriate measures when setting the wet temperature thresholds. It may also be a good idea to activate the phone call option. addVANTAGE Pro will then call you on your landline and play a recorded message. This option will keep your phone ringing for a number of times, and makes sure that you will actually wake up!

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