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Plant disease initiation and development is a function of the interaction of several factors. That interaction is often referred to as the "Disease Triangle". Adcon Telemetry''s plant disease risk assessments are based on the disease triangle. Adcon hardware (weather stations) in the field collects environmental data and delivers it to the receiver where it is available for processing by the addVANTAGE Pro software. The result is an up to date assessment of disease risk.

  Treatment Recommendations 

addVANTAGE Pro software uses the disease risk assessment developed using the elements of the disease triangle to create treatment recommendation alarms. These treatment recommendations take into account the efficacy periods of previous treatment applications. addVANTAGE Pro can also alert users when rain washes off contact treatments. Read more in the section on "Disease Models".


Basing treatment timing on information from the disease triangle and previous treatment information helps pest managers make treatments at the most effective time. Often, treatment recommendations are based on the calendar rather than on the conditions in the field. The Adcon system gives pest managers the information needed to base treatment recommendations on current field conditions. Read more in the section on "Disease Models".

  Model Validation 

cropsAdcon Telemetry cooperates with leading academic, public sector, and industry researchers to validate the models incorporated into the addVANTAGE program. Adcon works actively as a partner in model validation to ensure that the models offered to our clients work well with Adcon hardware and software as well as being valid for specific areas and crops.

The screen shot to the left shows a short extract of the list of crops for which models are available in  addVANTAGE Pro, with more being added all the time.


  Make better decisions! 

There are many applications for the environmental data collected by Adcon equipment, disease models aside. Below are just a few of the uses that agricultural clients have discovered.

Soil Temperature
  • planting timing (seed/transplants)
  • seed emergence
  • nematode activity
Leaf Wetness
  • foliar spray timing
  • spray records (performance)
  • foliar spray timing (leaf scorch/phytotoxicity)
  • spray records
  • plant stress/spray performance (esp. herbicides)
  • general labor scheduling
  • spray timing
  • spray records (performance)
  • spray wash-off
Relative Humidity
  • general labor scheduling
  • foliar spray timing
  • spray records (performance)
  • pruning timing (disease risk - i.e. Eutypa)
  • general labor scheduling
  • spray timing
  • spray records (drift injury/performance)
  • plant injury/stress
  • irrigation



Various meteorological sensors
Sensors you need to run plant protection models

Agricultural Risk Management
A short outline of benefits of Adcon systems regarding modern Agricultural Risk Management.

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