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Remote Valve Control

Remotely controlling an irrigation system is the logical next step when installing telemetry. For this purpose we have developed the A724 addSWITCH and the addTIMER software extension. A724 addSWITCH, meanwhile available in Series 4 already, is fully compatible to the whole family of Adcon radios and can easily be integrated into existing weather station or soil moisture networks. It lets you control up to 4 latching solenoids. The addTIMER is an extension to our software addVANTAGE Pro, versions 5.3 and higher. This combination of products lets you fully automize your irrigation system. To get even more accurate we recommend the usage of soil moisture sensors and/or an ETo station.

A724 addSWITCH Valve Controller


An A724 addSWITCH Series 4 can handle up to 4 latching solenoids of various voltages. To each output of an A724 you can assign the DC voltage required for your solenoids, within a range of 5.5 to 15VDC.

To get an even better grasp of what''s going on you can also connect up to four pulse counters to your addSWITCH, be that a water meter or an irrigation gauge. And if you would even like to know if your pumps provide enough pressure to operate your system you can also hook a manometer sensor up to your addSWITCH.

Get full control of your irrigation system!
    • remotely open and close up to 4 latching solenoids,
    • connect up to 4 water meters or irrigation gauges (or any other device with a pulse output / reed switch),
    • connect an analog manometer probe, such as the Adcon PA1 (0-2,5V),
    • full integration into any existing Adcon radio network


      The addTIMER, an Extension for the Adcon Software addVANTAGE Professional, versions 5.3 and higher, lets you define for an unlimited number of A724 addSWITCH''s (but also for other RTU''s of course!) not only a daily or weekly, but also a monthly and a seasonal schedule. The following settings can easily be programmed::

      • up to 5 operating cycles per day
      • each day of the week can be individually programmed
      • various weekly plans can make a monthly plan
      • various monthly plans can make a seasonal plan
      • determine start time and run time
      • determine seasonal multipliers (which will save you lots of time! Instead of reprogramming each run-time you can simply extend them all by entering a multiplier - e.g. entering 1,1 will extend each run-time by 10%)
      • insert a single, non-repeatable irrigation event on the fly
      • stop running cycles by the push of a button


      A frequently asked question concerns the security of radio controlled irrigation commands. There are two major "what if''s"?

      • What if I open all valves, and then I cannot close them anymore because the OFF signal cannot be transmitted due to radio interference? Will I flood my fields?
      • What if the battery runs empty while I am irrigating, and I don''t have enough power to close my valves?

      There is no need to worry - both cannot happen!

      1) There is no OFF command ! The addTIMER - addSWITCH system operates on start times and run times, both being sent to the valve controller in the same radio command. The A724 addSWITCH thus exactly knows when to open the valves and for how long to keep them open. And since this run-time is being stored in the A724 addSWITCH there simply is no need to send an OFF command!

      2) Battery voltage is permanently being monitored.. As soon as the A724 recognizes that the voltage of its internal battery approaches a critical value, below which operation of the attached valves might get unsafe, it will automatically turn open valves off and will no longer accept ON commands, until the batteries have again been sufficiently recharged by the devices solar panel.

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