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Irrigation Monitoring

Precision irrigation means more than turning a sprinkler on or off. It requires full knowledge and control over a variety of parameters, such as

  • Soil moisture
  • Micro climate
  • Reference ETo
  • Irrigation quantity
  • Water level in tanks, canals and aquifers,
  • Pump runtime and failure
  • Valve control
  • and many others more.

WIth the proper sensors and the right RTU from Adcon all of these parameters can be monitored and transmitted in almost real time to a central station, where the data is processed, visualized and distributed by addVANTAGE Pro 5.4, Adcon''s integrated software solution.

Full control of all Parameters

The Adcon system provides all the relevant data of your crop, soil and equipment in a very concise way. This gives you full and timely information of

  • your crops water needs and water consumption,
  • the efficiency of the irrigation system,
  • status of pumps and valves,
  • clogged filters,
  • available water resources
  • and more

Various meteorological sensors
Sensors you need to run plant protection models

Agricultural Risk Management
A short outline of benefits of Adcon systems regarding modern Agricultural Risk Management.


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