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Soil Moisture Monitoring

If you really want to know what''s going on in the active root zones of your plants, how accurate and efficient your irrigation is, how fast water penetrates into your soil profile, then there is no way around direct soil moisture monitoring. Adcon supports a wide variety of soil moisture probes, compatible to our A733, A753, A755 and A723 radio data loggers. We have the right sensor for every application, soil and budget. The range of products goes from proven gypsum blocks to highly sophisticated capacitive multi layer soil moisture probes, that not only measure moisture, but also salinity and temperature.

Quickly assess issues such as

  • Current soil moisture status
  • Active root zone depth
  • Depth of irrigation/fertigation
  • Infiltration rate
  • Daily water consumption rates
  • Date / time of irrigations
  • Irrigation rates and run times
  • Total water used (per irrigation, week, month, season)

The sensors utilize commercially and scientifically proven techniques to provide readings that are highly repeatable. The use of either default calibrations or site specific calibrations enables soil moisture content to be determined with a high degree of accuracy across the full range of soil types. In practice however it is the availability of continuous data which is of the greatest value as this allows the irrigation manager to visualize the crops response to his irrigation practices and understand crop and soil water relationships in order to make day to day management decisions.

The advantage of direct soil moisture measurement is the accuracy of the read-out at the specific location, and farmers can see precisely how much water their plants use.

Combining soil moisture sensors with irrigation gauges has shown to be very recommendable. While the soil moisture sensor shows the actual situation in the ground, the irrigation gauge controls the quantities applied, and thus helps to determine the efficiency of the whole irrigation system, helps to locate clogged filters and drippers, under-pressurized distribution systems and other leaking pipes.

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