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Remote Meter Reading

Still reading your meters manually?

Large control and section meters are usually read every 2 to 4 weeks. This costs time and money, not only when reading the meters, but also when entering the values into the computer system.

The potential trouble spots are evident: meters want to be read even when covered by a foot of snow (rather difficult and not without risk), groups of two waste lots of time, and copying handwritten notes into the computer system often requires a cryptographer rather than a data typist. And all the information you get is a snap shot number of the consumption since the meters were read last.

Advantages of Automatic Meter Reading?

Automatic Meter Reading - does away with all of the above mentioned problems in an instant

  • Get flow data almost in real time, every 15 minutes
  • Create accurate consumption profiles
  • Get meter readings every day, in any weather, from even the remotest location
  • React before disaster strikes!
  • Detect Water Theft
  • Save lots of manpower: no travel, no reading, no copying into data base!

How does it work?

Most meters these days come with a pulse output, a so called reed switch. Connect this reed switch to an Adcon RTU, and the pulses collected will arrive on your desk in 15 minute increments - fully automatically, 24/7, even in the worst weather imaginable.

With almost 100 15-minute values a day you will know all about your customers consumption patterns. Reservoir and pumping station management gets a lot easier, and deviations of night time lows let you detect potential leakages literally over night. You can assign the proper quantity per pulse to every meter remotely through the A850 Telemetry Gateway.

Data transmission is done either by UHF radio (10 and 500mW) or by GSM / GPRS. Since our RTUs are extremely power efficient they will operate all year round with a little solar panel . Integrated relay functionality lets you build huge networks, covering thousands of square miles, where one A840 Telemetry Gateway is capable of handling more than a hundred RTUs, be they short range or long range radio stations or GSM / GPRS units.


Technical specifications of various sensors for water management.

WLVB - a success story from Austria
Eastern Austrias largest water supplier operates 250 long range Adcon RTUs for leak detection.

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