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A755 addSDI GPRS

The new A755 addSDI GPRS RTU is tailor made to work with the broad range of SDI-12 sensors. Through its single IP67 connector it supports up to 40 SDI-12 values. It also features one pulse input, which lets you connect any device with a reed switch output, like a water meter or an (irrigation) rain gauge.

Applications for A755

Here are a few examples:

Soil moisture monitoring

Depending on the power consumption of your SDI-12 soil moisture sensor you can connect one, two, three or even four SDI-12 soil moisture sensors AND a water meter or irrigation gauge to check the proper flow and distribution of water. Which makes this RTU the perfect choice for irrigators!

Water quality monitoring

Most multi-parameter water quality probes available today rely on SDI-12 as their interface of choice. Many such probes even come with their own internal battery pack, so power consumption is not an issue. For some probes we recommend the use of our A917 Power Booster interface to get to the required levels of supply voltage.

Water level monitoring - flood warning

Radar sensors are increasingly popular with civil protection agencies as they can easily be mounted on existing structures like bridges, thus reducing the cost of installation. One of the best selling products in this regard is the RLS radar sensor from OTT Germany, for which we have developed a little power booster interface to provide sufficient voltage from the RTUs internal battery.

Technical Specifications

Technical Specifications - Mechanics

Case Aluminum, powder coated
Protection type IP-67
& weight
160 x 60 x 80 mm (6.3 x 2.4 x 3.1 inch)
1200g (2.5 lb)
Connectors for sensors and power Made in Germany by Binder
IP-67 protection class
Sockets: brass, nickel plated
Socket contacts: gold plated
Protective caps
1 x M9 female 7-pin
1 x M9 female 5-pin
Antenna connector TNC with external seal, water tight , Made in Germany
Mounting Mast mounting bracket
Operating temperature -20°C ... +70°C


Technical Specifications - Logger

Input Channels 41 total
Digital 40 x SDI-12 values
Counter Inputs 1 x for standard reed switches; electronical signal debouncing, e.g. for rain gauges; max. pulses per second: 30
Sensor Power Supply unregulated battery voltage 5.6V ... 7.5V
Memory 2MB for up to 500.000 readings (depending on types of sensors attached)


Technical Specifications - Data Transmission

Frequency range 900 & 1800 MHz (Europe) and
850 & 1900 MHz (Americas)
Modem Motorola G24L
SIM Card small footprint
Security SIM cards are PIN-code protected!
Connection types GSM: CSD Circuit Switched Data
GPRS Connect Frequency User selectable:
- permanent connection
- connect from 1 x per minute to 1 x per day
Antenna Omni directional, quad band, 2dBi


Technical Specifications - General

Power Supply internal 6.2V battery, charged by solar panel or mains adaptor
Battery type Panasonic High-Temperature Industrial Grade NiMH battery, 3100mAh
Approvals FCC Part 15, R&TTE, CE,
Industry Canada, ACMA Australia

Ordering Information

100.755.010 A755 GSM/GPRS SDI-12
200.733.522 460mA Solar Panel, 9V, 50cm cable with male Binder connector 5-pin
800.000.277 Internal Lithium Battery 14,5Ah
200.720.560 Activation Switch for use with Lithium Batteries
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