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addVANTAGE Pro 6.2

ADCON Telemetry releases Pro 6.2 - with a new, much faster data base, a data plausibility checker, and a lot of new convenience features to make the operation easier and faster. Read all the details!

A much faster data base, a Climate Manager to automatically check data quality, new functions "by template", convenience features!

6.2 focuses on replacing our current Oracle SE database with a new and much faster database, that is at the same time much easier to handle. But to give our users added value we have thrown in a number of features that will directly impact your daily operation, no matter if you work as an administrator or as a user. As of June 2nd we will only ship version 6.2!

For all those of you who are upgrading an existing system please make sure to also update the firmware of your A850 Gateway to 1.5.2 or higher.

Data Plausibility Checking

The Climate Manager:

Finding erroneous values can be a challenging task, especially when administrating a large number of stations. One option is to manually check all sensors every day to detect errors, another option is an automatic tool that does that for you. addVANTAGE Pro 6.2 now offers such an automatic tool - which not only checks your sensors for plausibility, it also performs diagnostics of the whole system.

Installation is straight forward - the "Climate Manager" can be found in the "Tools" menu.

What do you get?

Once you have connected the plausibility extension to an RTU you will get a lot of new extensions. For each sensor you can now automatically check for missing data, make sure that data is within a plausible range and does not exceed alarming values, but you can also automatically analyze sensors for repeating patterns, such as shadow falling on a pyranometer every day at the same time, you can find defective rain gauges by checking for extended periods without activity, and you can even analyze time series of values for implausible changes from one value to the next.

As much as possible we have relied an WMO algorithms to verify data. Where not available (such as shadow detection) we have developed our own methods.

Koeppen-Geiger climate zones - customizable!

In order to make your life easier we have implemented the full Koeppen-Geiger Climate table, with over 40 predefined climates, from hot and arid to polar and frosty.  But what's absolutely necessary is the users ability to adjust these climates according to the exact location where you have installed the station. Therefore you can set your own thresholds, define your own MIN and MAX values. Because the last thing you want is a lot of alarms per day that nobody will look at - get those thresholds right!

Click onto the image to the left to see a high resolution screen shot.

RTU diagnostics

6.2 implements additional features to quickly detect potential trouble. One of these features is a battery charging checker. What does it do?

Only too frequently solar panels are mounted facing the wrong way, West, East, North - just not straight South. And therefore the batteries simply don't receive enough sunlight per day to have them charged well. Now the software will detect that for you! If your peak voltage is not achieved around noon, but early morning or late afternoon, the software will issue an alarm and tell you that the solar panel's orientation is incorrect.


There are a number of tasks that need to be performed over and over again. Performing some of them has now become a lot faster and more convenient!

Creating an area by template

Particularly when having to manage a large number of RTUs, which are basically performing the same tasks, which run the same disease models, the same statistics, which require the same trend views, event lists, etc., it is a cumbersome job to duplicate all entries and set them up anew in a new area for a new RTU.

With "Area by template" this has now been reduced to a mouse click. Simply select your template area, and duplicate all its contents into a new area - with all the same extensions, graphs and elements inside it, but now relating to the sensors of a new RTU.

Click onto the image to the left to see a high resolution screen shot.

Starting a new Season

Start new season 1Same procedure as every year - you want to start a new season and therefore want to setup all disease models for the coming season.

Now that's as easy as creating a new area! All you need to do is right-click your crop, select the "Start new season" option (see screen shot to the left, and voilĂ ! There is a new crop node with all the same models inside, with all the same settings - all you need to do is to give the new season the right name, i.e. change the year from e.g. 2012 to 2013 (as you can see on the screenshot to the left) - and you're done!

What took 10 minutes before will take 10 seconds now!

350x234-images-stories-newsletter-addvantage62-Start new season

View data by a single mouse click

Show ValuesQuite frequently all you want to see on the fly is the data of a single sensor, without anything else. Nothing easier than that! Just click on the magnifying glass to the right of each sensor, and a trend window will open, showing the data of this tag.

New icons in the trend to print to .pdf and export to .csv

New IconsMany users of iPads and Apple computers have requested the ability to print or export data from a trend graph without the need to right click with the mouse - since Apple computers don't support right-click.

Almost the same applies to Windows users - how to quickly move data from a trend window into Excel or into an email to share it with a client? Or process it in another application?

207x149-images-stories-newsletter-addvantage62-Trend pdfWith the two new buttons shown to the left both can now be done with a single mouse click! What a .csv file looks like needs no explanation. But what you get when creating a .pdf you can see by clicking onto the screen shot to the right!

New "remove tag" icon in the legend of the trend

171x146-images-stories-newsletter-addvantage62-Remove from trendA much requested feature was the ability to quickly eliminate a tag/sensor from a trend graph - easier than right-clicking into the trend and opening the trend's properties. Therefore we have implemented a new "Delete" feature directly in the trend's legend. To the right of each tag you will now find a little red "x" - just click it, and the respective tag will disappear.

For an enlarged view just click the screen shot to the left.


As of now HSQL is our engine of choice.

hypersql logoAs the base of Pro 6.2 we have selected HyperSQL, the same database that you can also find within the "Open Office" program suite. We have adjusted it to fit our needs as a fully embedded solution, optimized for large time-series of data, as perfectly represented by meteorological values.

What does this mean for you?

  1. Lightning fast. In its optimized version many responses from HSQL will be up to 100 times faster than with Oracle SE. This is of particular advantage when calculating statistics over a long period of time as searches have become much faster. But even users who do not need to look through large quantities of data will experience a significant performance boost, making every operation 3 - 5 times faster than before.
  2. No more need to separately install a database. Install and uninstall are very easy to manage and fully integrated into the process.
  3. Backup your data in the background to a simple file. This makes backup and restore a very simple process, and the handling of multiple backups just became a lot easier.
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