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A850 Telemetry Gateway 100.850.001

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The core of your monitoring network - the A850 Telemetry Gateway. Manages large networks of UHF, GSM and GPRS RTUs automatically.


The System

The A850 Telemetry Gateway is the core of every Adcon monitoring network, be it a pure GSM / GPRS network, a UHF radio network or a combination of both - it's the A850 that knows exactly when and how to retrieve data from each RTU.

A network consisting of only GSM / GPRS RTU's requires only the A850 Telemetry Gateway, while a network using UHF radio RTU's also requires an A440 Wireless Modem. The A850 is available in several versions, managing from 5 up to 1.000 RTU's. Each version can easily be upgraded by software to support more RTU's.

What's new, compared to the A840?

During the 7 years of service of the A840 Telemetry Gateway we have gathered lots of experience with Base Stations, and the list of desirable improvements was long, including numerous requests from our customers. We have packed them all into the new A850! Here are the most important:

A850 A840
Data Memory 1 GB 16 MB
Data Viewer yes no
Max. Number of RTU's 1.000 200
Internal NiMH Battery 4.500mAh 2.100mAh
USB connector 2 no
Multi-User Access yes only 2
Offline Configuration yes no
Gateway Locking yes no
Remote Update yes no
Support various time zones yes no
Diagnostics of Com-Quality yes no
Call out from Gateway yes no
RTU, battery and sensor tracking yes no
Send RTU commands from the GUI yes no
Secure Socket Tunnels yes no
Operating System Linux Linux



Network Administration

An A850 Telemetry Gateway is handling up to 1.000 Adcon RTU's, no matter if they are long range or short range UHF units, GSM or GPRS RTU's. The A850 Telemetry Gateway knows the route to each radio RTU, the phone number of each GSM unit and the IP address of a GPRS RTU. It also knows exactly when and how often to poll data from each RTU. Changes to routes, phone numbers and polling intervals are programmed centrally in the Gateway, NOT the RTU!

RTU Management

It is crucial to know which equipment is installed in the field, where exactly it is located, which serial numbers it has, which battery type it contains, when it was last serviced etc. All these parameters are now stored in the A850. For the Network Administrator it is also crucial to be able to properly diagnose a system in order to recognize weak spots before they cause trouble. The A850 Telemetry Gateway will let him assess battery voltage, internal temperature, uptime of the RTU, firmware versions and many other parameters.

Sensor Administration

The A850 Telemetry Gateway provides a wide range of sensor drivers for almost any parameter around, be it an analog or an SDI-12 sensor. In it's largest version an A850 will be capable of handling up to 10.000 sensors in a single network! Custom drivers can easily be created and stored. Proper driver assignment to the respective RTU port, data interpretation, sensor calibration and maintenance info are all handled by the A850 Telemetry Gateway.

Integrated Data Visualization

This unique feature will enable you to directly open a trend panel in the A850's Configurator! Visualize sensor and diagnostical data with a mouse click - and assess any kind of data in graphical or table format right in the Gateway, without the need to download the data into another software package, not even addVANTAGE Pro 5! This feature is particularly handy for industrial clients, who use their own SCADA software, but have difficulties to create new views and trends for diagnostical data.

Autonomous Operation - Large Data Buffer and integrated UPS

Imagine a large network of 500 ETo stations. Imagine every station delivering 100 data sets per day. An A850 Telemetry Gateway will be able to store all that data for over a month!
And if a lightning will cause several hours of blackout, the internal battery pack of the A850 will be able to maintain the unit operational.

Data Retrieval

Data can be retrieved from the A850 through its 100 MBit Ethernet connector, or an external modem connected to a USB or RS-232 port. In most cases the A850 will be part of a clients Intranet. But it can basically be installed anywhere, even in the remotest of areas, as long as there is a mains connection, and a phone line or GSM coverage. addVANTAGE Pro will automatically retrieve the data from this remote Gateway.

Wireless Modems

The A850 Telemetry Gateway communicates via a 30m RS-485 cable with the roof mounted A440 Wireless Modem. For very large buildings or installations on a high mast an optional 75m low-attenuation cable can be supplied. The A440 Wireless Modem comes in an IP67 rated case and is compatible with all Adcon RTU's sold to this day.
The A850 supports by default not only an A440 Wireless Modem, but also the RA440 Remote Wireless Modem. This device lets you collect data via a GPRS connection from remote UHF RTUs. Optionally up to 10 RA440s can be connected!

Future Features

The A850 Telemetry Gateway is prepared for future firmware upgrades, that will enable it to run up to ten external USB modems, and to operate several Wireless Modems on different frequencies. That means that your A850 will be capable to run a network of 450MHz RTU's AND at the same time a network of 868 resp. 902 MHz RTU's.

Technical Data

A850 Telemetry Gateway

Dimensions 182 x 260x 52 mm
Weight 1.862g
Connectors 1 x 100Base-T Ethernet
1 x RS-232 (ext. modems)
1 x RS-232 (Console)
1 x RS-485 (Radio Modem)
2 x USB (ext. modems)
1 x Mains Power
Analog Modem external via USB or RS-232
Micro Processor Cirrus Logic 32-bit ARM
Memory 1GB Flash, 32MB RAM
Operating System Linux OS 2.4 Kernel
Power Supply 90 ... 240 V AC; an integrated 8.4V NiMH battery with 4.500mAh serves as uninterruptible power supply
Operating Temperature -10°C ... +55°C


A440 Wireless Modem

Dimensions 119 x 79x 60 mm
Weight 590g
Connector 1 x RS-485 to connect to A840 / A850
IP Protection IP67
Power Supply via the RS-485 connection to the A850 / A840 Telemetry Gateway
Mounting Mast mounting bracket
Operating Temperature -30°C ... +60°C
Tx Output power 500mW e.r.p.
Rx Sensitivity -120dBm (10 dB S/N)
Channel spacing 12.5 / 25 kHz (factory preset)
Antenna Omni-directional, 0dB
Antenna connector TNC with external seal
Frequencies 430 ... 470MHz (in 4 bands of 10MHz each)
Approvals R&TTE, CE, FCC, Ind.Canada, AUS



Telemetry Gateway only

100.850.001 A850 Telemetry Gateway for 5 RTU's
100.850.002 A850 Telemetry Gateway for 100 RTU's
100.850.003 A850 Telemetry Gateway for 250 RTU's
100.850.004 A850 Telemetry Gateway for 500 RTU's
100.850.005 A850 Telemetry Gateway for 1000 RTU's

Complete Base Stations, incl. A440 and 30m cable

100.850.051 A850 Base Station for 5 RTU's, Band 1
100.850.052 A850 Base Station for 5 RTU's, Band 2
100.850.053 A850 Base Station for 5 RTU's, Band 3
100.850.054 A850 Base Station for 5 RTU's, Band 4

A440 Wireless Modems and Cables

800.000.118 A440 Wireless Modem Band 1 430 - 440MHz
800.000.119 A440 Wireless Modem Band 2 440 - 450MHz
800.000.120 A440 Wireless Modem Band 3 450 - 460MHz
800.000.121 A440 Wireless Modem Band 4 460 - 470MHz
200.800.089 5m communication and supply cable
200.800.087 30m communication and supply cable
200.800.088 75m communication and supply cable


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